Best Smokable Hemp comes from Diet Dank – Diet Dank is proud to introduce a new standard of American smokable hemp. We have spent years developing the terpiest, most breath-taking hemp on the market. All of our flowers are exclusively grown indoors from our colonial cultivars using the highest caliber of standards and operating procedures.  From transplant to harvest to slow cure, we treat our hemp flowers with the utmost care to ensure you consistently experience the cleanest and most flavorful hemp flower possible. It’s no wonder Diet Dank is the #1 choice for the best smokable hemp in America.

The Best Smokable Hemp on the Market

Diet Dank is responsible for some of the most highly renowned premium hemp CBD strains on the market today. Some of our more famous cultivars include Berry Blossom, Cherry Wine, Cobbler, Magic Bullet, Red Bordeaux, and Trophy Wife. Moreover, our experienced breeders are continually developing new strains to ensure you have access to the best smokable hemp varieties in America.

For more than seven years, we have researched and developed some of the most unique and exotic hemp genetics, each with fantastic terpene profiles and compliant THC ratios. We know that even the most experienced hemp connoisseur will find great pleasure in consuming our premium smokable hemp buds.

Best Smokable Hemp Flower

Raising the Standards of CBD Hemp Flower

We feel “smokable” hemp has become a very relative term. We realize that most smokable hemp growers cultivate their products in fields and practice less-than-ideal processing procedures. Not only that, but many smokable hemp producers improperly dry their product (often in the same areas in which it grew), thus stifling its potential and ridding it of valuable terpenes.

Additionally, most outdoor growers store their harvested hemp flower in barns causing a hay-like odor and harshness of the smoke. By the time it comes to bagging it for sale, it has already lost some of the most valuable components of any quality smokable hemp product.

We assure you, these are not standard practices at Diet Dank. We grow our boutique-style CBD hemp flower indoors or in greenhouse settings. Moreover, we continuously monitor its progress to ensure the quality remains high, and the THC levels remain low. Furthermore, we slow-cure our hemp in temperature and moisture-controlled environments to preserve precious terpenes and cannabinoids. In doing, we have not only created the best smokable hemp on the market, but we’ve also raised the bar for acceptable hemp products.

We believe the best smokable hemp products deserve the same meticulous attention that any premium cannabis flower receives. Consequently, we never rush the process or cut corners to sell our products quicker. As a result, the smokable hemp you buy from us will always be top-quality and a true pleasure to behold.

Quality Smokable Hemp is Our Foundation

We do not view hemp as a get-rich-quick scheme—quite the contrary. In fact, our top priority is to develop premium hemp flowers slowly and carefully. We nurture our indoor-grown hemp plants throughout each stage of development. In doing, we are able to nurture our communities with our reliable CBD hemp products. We cater to all demographics regardless of location or physical ability by providing pesticide-free, fully-compliant hemp buds at affordable prices. Our all-organic hemp cultivation practices mean our products are always safe and always flavorful.

To learn more about our premium smokable hemp buds, contact us or place an order today to find out for yourself what the best smokable hemp really looks like.