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Avoid Sore Throat When Smoking Hemp Flowers

Avoid a Sore Throat

Avoid a sore throat when you smoke hemp flower. After all, continuing to smoke when you have a sore throat will irritate it further, making your herb less-than-enjoyable. But that doesn’t imply you have to stop or avoid smoking for longer than necessary.


An ideal hemp smoke session shouldn’t just leave someone’s throat feeling sore or irritated. Below are tips to follow to help prevent such a scenario.


Stay Hydrated 


Drinking plenty of fluids, mainly water, chamomile, or lemon tea (with a bit of honey) will help avoid a sore throat while smoking hemp. Taking water throughout the day ensures the body, including the throat, remains hydrated, thus counteracting dry mouth and a sore throat. However, avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine because they may contribute to dehydration. In dry climate areas, a cool-mist vaporizer can also aid soothe throat dryness. In addition, chicken soup or warm salt rinse might help if the tickles and tingles won’t go away.


Add Lemon Juice to a Bong or Water Pipe


For water pipe use, add a little lemon juice to your cool water to avoid a sore throat – it’s both soothing and comfortable on your throat. Even better, adding approximately two drops of lemon juice to water prevents a gunky mess and kills the disgusting smell of bong water by keeping everything fresh.


Use Lozenges or Sweet Candies to Avoid a Sore Throat


The same candies meant to calm a cold can do a great job for “cannabis throat”. Sucking on a lozenge or cough drop will stimulate saliva production, keeping your mouth and throat moist. Most times, throat lozenges contain some anesthetics that help with irritation and accelerate the healing process. Luckily, others have natural ingredients such as lemon and honey, which are well-known remedies for pain.


Ditch Old Cannabis and Try Quality Hemp


If you want to avoid a sore throat, then you simply cannot smoke old flowers. Even though old is gold, the vibe might not hold for cannabis. Like other plants or flowers, cannabis is vulnerable to fungus, excess light and heat, mites, overzealous watering, etc. Several deficiencies, like calcium, iron, nitrogen, and phosphorus deficiencies, are also common.


Those suffering from a sore throat, old or expired hemp, particularly one not bought from a certified and reliable source, might be the cause. In fact, too old or improperly produced hemp is very hard on a throat. As such, only buy top-tier hemp flowers from expertly grown plants. Besides, you can space your hemp smoking sessions to give your throat enough time to heal.


Avoid a Sore Throat When Smoking Hemp Flowers


Sourcing your hemp flowers from us is one of the most effective, surefire ways on how to avoid sore throat from smoking hemp flowers. We offer pure, potent hemp flowers from superior genetics at affordable prices. Contact us today to get the best smokable hemp flowers.


Ready to avoid sore throat from smoking hemp and up your game? Please, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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