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Diet Dank’s Black Label Reserve of hemp flowers are grown from the most elite CBD and CBG hemp seeds on the market. Our premium hemp buds are produced in Colorado by Bodhi Urban—a master hemp breeder and creator of the first commercially compliant CBD hemp cultivar.

For more than seven years, Diet Dank has researched and developed the market’s finest hemp varieties, each with a rich terpene profile and a compliant THC ratio. We cultivate our hemp flowers indoors or in greenhouses, nurturing each plant throughout each stage of development. Our professional growers use only the best organic nutrients and carefully manage the soil, water, light, humidity, temperature, and other factors, to ensure that our hemp flowers are of the highest quality and are safe for consumption.

“Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”
Diet Dank Black Label Rserve

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Diet Dank’s Black Label Reserve of premium hemp flowers takes smokable hemp to a higher standard. In addition to being all-organic and pesticide-free, our Black Label Reserve hemp buds are grown in small batches and then slow-dried, slow-cured, and hand-trimmed, ensuring optimal aroma, flavor, and potency. The Black Label Reserve is perfect for medical and recreational users who are seeking the highest-quality smokable hemp flowers on the market.

Diet Dank’s Black Label hemp flowers contain a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other desirable compounds. These compounds combine to offer many purported therapeutic effects to the consumer. Many users report that smokable hemp may ease tension in the body, relieve pain, and calm the mind. Because Diet Dank’s hemp buds are low in THC, users can enjoy the soothing effects of hemp, without feeling intoxicated.

We believe smokable hemp flower deserves the same meticulous attention that any premium cannabis flower receives. Consequently, we never rush the process or cut corners to sell our products quicker. Each of our Black Label strains is carefully cultivated and cured, ensuring the finest smoking experience. The aroma, flavor, and overall smoke of our Black Label hemp buds cannot be rivaled. Once you try our Black Label hemp flowers, you will never be satisfied with anything else. The only place to get real Black Label CBD hemp is right here at Diet Dank.