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  1. Travis

    This place really does have the best hemp flower. I ordered some prerolls too and they were rolled to perfection. You could tell they were hand rolled. The buds were the biggest hemp buds I’ve ever seen. Will be back again soon.

    Black Cherry CreamBlack Cherry Cream

  2. Dallas Young

    Fruity citrus tones and nice ash. Great for my lower back pain when I know it’s gonna be a long day. You guys nailed it.


  3. Brian Cheu

    This hemp bud looks like chronic weed-weed. Beautiful Bubba Kush nugs without the THC. Taste is right on. Shipping fast as hell.

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

  4. Danny M.

    If you are looking for solid all day CBG pain relief, then you’ve come to the right place. Diet Dank has everything you need. White CBB is a great strain. Thanks Bodhi!

    White CBGWhite CBG

  5. MrGrippa (Verified)

    Just received my Wild Strawberry hemp omg , that’s all I can say never had medicine that was so earthy,the berry tone take over I suffer from arthritis,let me tell my day just gotten even better on the cold rainy day ,Diet Dank ,and Greenpoint Seeds are my go to people hands down period, with these fire genetics from the Thc, to the Cbd ,last but not least to the Cbg if you not on your missing out please believe p.s look at how frosty it’s is wish you guys an female could smell this right now wow

    Wild StrawberryWild Strawberry

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  6. hector

    Fast shipping and dankest hemp flower you can buy online.


  7. Hector

    Red Bordeaux is my new favorite smokable hemp strain. They really did a great job with the presentation too. Beautiful buds. Ordered 3 times in the past month. Going to instead just stock up with a few ounces. This Red Bordeaux it’s an insanely delicious cultivar.

    Red BordeauxRed Bordeaux

  8. DJSUN1 (Verified)

    I purchased some seeds and acquired a free eighth and I haven’t had CBG hemp before and I was pleasantly surprised at all the ailments this helped with from anxiety, headache, to major back pain. I felt some major relief! No wonder our forefathers grew hemp! I just placed another order as this is some remarkable flower look forward to trying more when my situation improves!

    White CBGWhite CBG

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    Image #1 from DJSUN1
  9. Mark Kaprill

    Instance strawberry flavor! Extreme notes of berries with an earthy tone. Going to buy a half ounce to really get a feel for this one. My favorite new afternoon hemp strain. Can be used in the AM also, but I prefer different rates in the AM. This really is an excellent smoke for all hours of the day. Nailed it!

    Wild StrawberryWild Strawberry

  10. Lisa Scott

    They don’t make vintage cherry wine like this anymore. I have searched far and wide for some real vintage cherry wine and everyone else seems like they can just slap a cherry wine sticker on their hemp flower and nobody will notice. Diet dank goes the extra distance to bring us only the best. The prices are right on spot. You can find cheaper hemp flower elsewhere, but it won’t compare to diet danks quality and customer service.


  11. Lisa Scott

    Best hemp flower online. Don’t waste time and money on sub-par hemp flower. Diet dank is incredible.

    Black Cherry CreamBlack Cherry Cream

  12. AK Hemp United

    Great CBD buds as promised!


  13. Alise

    Got a free eighth to test! Thanks Diet Dank! This was the best Matterhorn CBG I have ever had. I have tried Matterhorn from so many other places and none of them can even compare to your Matterhorn. To all you reading, this is the real deal here. It is smooth to smoke and has more CBG in it than anything else I have tried.

    Matterhorn CBGMatterhorn CBG

  14. Hempire Farms

    Bought an eighth of twist hemp flower with an eighth of every other strain available and twist is a little fruitier than the rest. It is my new go to all day smoke. If you suffer from any type of severe back pain, this will help you get through the day easy.


  15. Darthnalgas (Verified)

    As soon as I opened the package I knew I was in for a treat! Great smelling and looking buds, obviously professionally grown and cured! I shared the 1/8 with my wife and we both give it 5 Stars! If your interested in trying out CBD bud then I’d highly recommend Diet Dank. I believe the CBD experience is personal so I won’t bother sharing my thoughts as we all respond differently but I will say it is safe to try, you will not get “high” but relaxed! My wife is currently enjoying using Early Bird before bedtime as it helped her sleep. I recommend Diet Dank 100% to anyone interested in trying CBD bud, cheers!

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

  16. MrGrippa (Verified)

    Thanks to Diet Dank some of the best CBD medicine I have had in a while hands down ,the smell of strain here is a monster to us out here in the PNW ,also noted that this strain really really help with the pain of nerves in my left hand so to anyone who’s reading this give it a try never know to you do the smell along going have you like man is this really cbd I’m getting more today so look for my updated you guy next,I’m getting the CBG for the ones who doesn’t know exactly what that is do so reach for real ,so don’t be sleeping on it get it .

    Red BordeauxRed Bordeaux

  17. sdavidhicks (Verified)

    I’ve smoked cannabis for 50 years, and I can tell you that the moment I opened the bag and took a whiff, a big smile came across my face, and a hit of dopamine struck my brain. I too received my eighth as part of a promotion, and I am impressed. The smell of this RB is sweet and fruity.
    One of the most amazing things is to look at the bud under 30x magnification. Although it’s not a totally “rock hard” bud (it’s got a little leaf and fluff to it), it’s covered in crystal. I kid you not. I even see capitate stalked trichomes (with small resin heads).
    Things got better when I tried to crush up the bud to put it in a jay. My fingers got sticky and I felt guilty crushing the resin (good sign)! Better yet, the inside morsels of the buds were indeed, solid (I’ll call these morsels “cookie-like”). I’m just about blown away!
    The material was too moist and cookie-like to roll, so I vaped a bit. The full terpene taste was great, although it seemed to dissipate fairly quickly after a few puffs. (I’ve only tried it once so far.)
    In the past, I’ve tried every kind of herbal smoke you can think of (damiana, lion’s tail, hops, skullcap, passion flower, etc.) as possible cannabis substitutes. If I needed to choose a legal alternative to marijuana today, I would definitely give this a whirl. For hemp, I’d like the price to be around 25 percent lower, but what do I know?
    As for medicinal effects, I’ll suspend judgment until a time when I haven’t already smoked something else beforehand. I do think I could enjoy smoking this herb for the resin and the taste, alone. It’s really cannabis, not some fake herb trying to substitute for it. Thanks, Dank!

    Red BordeauxRed Bordeaux

  18. antoniolee12257 (Verified)

    Let me start off by saying for a CBD strain the smoke is very potent yeah it don’t really have THC in it but THC isn’t the only cannabinoid that can be consumed and this makes me feel very relaxed. I’ve tried different hemp strains such as cherry wine and lifter but none that I’ve tried came close to this quality such as the thickness and stickiness of the buds great job diet dank 👏

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

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    Image #1 from antoniolee12257
  19. Splintercellalien (Verified)

    Wow just the smell of happiness when you open the bag was enough to make me smile from ear to ear. The taste was just as amazing as the smell and after consumption I eased into an uplifting sense of well being and a relaxed feeling in the body. Impressive

    Red BordeauxRed Bordeaux

  20. Weff Farms

    Free eight shipped to me fast. Red bordeaux hemp flower is off the hook. Great smoke and very relaxing. I just smoked some and watched some tv and all my pain just melted away. I am going to buy some more too. Would love to grow some myself.

    Red BordeauxRed Bordeaux

  21. Carol Falls

    CBG flower is beautiful and smooth to smoke. Will come back for more A++++

    White CBGWhite CBG

  22. Anonymous

    I am never going to CBD Hemp Direct to buy hemp flower again. CBD Hemp Direct is overly saturated with mediocre flower and other hemp products. I started to get suspicious with them because a lot of their hemp flower tastes and looks the same. I could’ve swore when I bought a sample pack from them they’d sent me a sample pack that was a bunch of the same hemp flower just in different packaging.

    Every other online dispensary I’ve tried has promised quality hemp buds and they always fall short. I tried buying hemp starts from HSF and they never really stood up to the quality I was expecting. It was probably due to my novice cultivating skills and impatience. I wanted the end product so quickly and this left me with not so great results.

    I am that guy that’s tried everything to put my back and neck in check over the years and I almost gave up on CBD flower altogether. I hate the oils, edibles and have been on a mission ever since CBD flower hit the shelves.

    Diet Dank takes the same care with their CBD flower that you would if you were growing. This Early Bird is great for helping me relax in the evening and allows me to fall asleep with no problems.

    The website is beautiful and easy to navigate. It puts other hemp shops to shame.

    Major shout-out to the team and Bodhi

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

  23. Forrest McHenry

    Juicy berry taste and nice uplifting boost. Leaves a bit of strawberry in your throat. Taste is out of this world. I didn’t know hemp flower could taste this good. I thought it was all nasty looking schwag like the other online hemp shops sell. I signed up for the free pre-launch testers and Red Bordeaux (spelling is rough though, lol) is what showed up in my mailbox. I wasn’t expecting it to be any different than the others, but smoking some instantly changed my mind. This is real boutique hemp flower. It tatses like it would if I grew it myself for myself.

    Red BordeauxRed Bordeaux

  24. Jake F (Verified)

    These are the best CBD flower buds we’ve ever seen. My wife has moved away from THC as the anxiety and paranoia began to be too much to deal with, so we’ve been sampling from all over the country to find decent flower and Early Bird is the obvious winner. Clearly grown with care, it’s potent in all the right ways for relaxation without the “stoned” aura and the terpenes are strong and delicious. Highly recommended!

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

  25. Jena

    I tried Early Bird before bed last night since I’ve been having issues with sleep and it was the perfect relief – nice and relaxing feel with a great smooth taste!

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

  26. Michael Delano

    Diet Dank: You won me over! I have purchased White CBG, sometimes called CBG White, from overr a half-dozen online hemp retailers and all of them sucked. Every single one of them. The CBD was always there, but the CBG seemed absent in all of them.
    I get a message on Instagram asking me if I would like to try a new White CBG and I at first said no. I didn’t think there was anything else that would change my mind. Matterhorn CBG was one of the only CBG strains I really got good CBG from.
    After finding out that Bodhi was behind this new Diet Dank, I decided to ask if I could change my first reply. The Diet Dank Instagram guy said he would send me out an eighth that day.
    I got White CBG a few days later, fired some up and I knew right then that this was different from the other fake White CBG out there. I can always tell when there are good amounts of CBG in hemp flower and even though the taste was different than Matterhorn, I still felt that familiar feelojg that only quality CBG strains can give you when your smoking flower.
    Since then, I have signed up for an account here and started getting free Nugs in the Nugs rewards program thing they have going. You dont even have to buy anythng, just sign up for an account and start earning free points that can be used to buy free hemp flower.
    They have a an affiliate program as well and once I find the right angle, I am going to sign up and start making a few bucks reccomending tDiet Dank. I know this stuff is going to sell out and off the shelves. I know it will.
    Try some before they sell out.


    Mike D.

    White CBGWhite CBG

  27. Shylene

    Smooth smoke. Received my order in just a few days. Really helped with my lower neck pain and left me with a nice calm feeling. Stress reducing. Tasty. Can’t wait to order some Matterhorn CBG when it’s available.

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

  28. Eros Duvall

    The other CBD hemp shops better look out! Not only does diet dank have some bomb hemp bud to smoke, they also have Bodhi urban behind them. Instead of going to another place that just sells everyone else’s hemp, why not come to a place like diet dank where they grow all their own hemp flower…

    I really liked the Early Bird flower from these guys. Great job. Not too heavy or light. Smokes great with after dinner drinks.

    Diet Dank is the best new hemp flower dispensary. Great prices and the best looking website for a hemp flower dispensary as of now. Beautiful website!

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

  29. JerrBerr

    Got in on the early early testers. Early Bird CBD hemp flower is everything you want in an all day smoke. Good for relaxing and staying focused. Sweet pine flavors on exhale. Will come back for more when you open.

    Bubba KushBubba Kush

  30. Mark A.

    Diet Dank sent me 3 grams as part of their beta testing program and the Slice CBD hemp flower I received was better than any other hemp flower shop online. Yes, that’s right, better than all the others. Super tasty 👌