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Smokable Hemp Buds – Tips for Consuming

smokable hemp buds

Smokable hemp buds require special tools and preparation before you can smoke them. The process takes only a few minutes and is a great way to familiarize yourself with these beautiful – and pungent – flowers. By consuming smokable hemp buds this way (rather than purchasing pre-packaged pre-rolled hemp cigarettes), you can smoke confidently knowing you are only consuming the most potent part of the hemp plant.

Preparing Smokable Hemp Buds

Your smokable hemp buds are ready to consume upon arrival. However, they do require some preparation to encourage a smooth durn despite their often dense structure. Specifically, it is best if you broke up or ground your flowers into a medium-fine texture. You can accomplish this easily with your fingers, though doing so will cause many of its most valuable compounds to stick to your fingers instead of making their way to your lungs. Moreover, breaking up hemp buds by hand often results in an uneven grind, which may cause hemp cigarettes to burn unevenly.

For a more even grind and better preservation of potent trichomes, we recommend using an herbal grinder to break up your smokable hemp buds. This tool is especially beneficial for those who smoke hemp buds frequently and only requires a minimal investment – often around $20 or less.

Store buds that you do not immediately consume in an air-tight, opaque container for up to six months. Hemp buds retain their freshness best when kept in flower form; smoke ground hemp flowers within one week after grinding for optimal freshness. Though you can store ground hemp buds in a grinder, remember that it is not an air-tight container. As such, ground hemp stored this way will dry and lose freshness quickly.

Tools for Smoking Hemp Buds

Now that you’ve got some freshly-ground smokable hemp buds, you must pack them into a smoking device. There are a few ways to go about this, each of which has its own advantages and requires its own set of supplies.


Smoking pipes are an easy way to smoke small amounts of hemp flower. They range in sizes suitable for a single person to a small group of friends, and may or may not contain a carb (a small hole) with which to improve airflow. Pipes are often made out of glass, metal, or stone, though anything heat-resistant can suffice. Pipes are very affordable, ranging from only a few dollars each to $100 or more.

Bong or Water Pipe

Bongs, a.k.a. “water pipes” are similar to a basic pipe but also include a water filtration system, as well. Water filtration for smokable hemp buds helps to cool the smoke before it hits the airways. As such, water pipes help users consume more at once and produce larger plumes of smoke in the process. Bongs tend to have a slightly higher price tag compared to standard pipes, ranging from $20 to a few hundred dollars for more elaborate pieces.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are the most affordable solution to smoking hemp flowers, but they require skill and (often) more significant quantities of the smokable hemp buds. Companies make rolling papers out of things like rice, flax, wood pulp, or hemp and often include a gummy glue strip to seal the rolled hemp cigarette. Mastering the art of rolling a hemp cigarette takes practice, but tools like cigarette rollers or even a dollar bill can help.

Leaf Wraps

Leaf wraps are best for large groups extended smoking sessions. There are many different kinds of “blunt” leaf wraps, including palm leaves, tobacco leaves, and hemp leaf wraps. Rolling smokable hemp buds in a leaf wrap is perhaps the most advanced way to smoke it and also requires practice to master. The price of leaf wraps ranges from about $5 to almost $100 for bulk orders.

How to Smoke Hemp

Once the smokable hemp buds are prepared and packed, it’s time to smoke them. The process is easy – simply light the hemp buds and inhale – but there are some tricks to keep in mind depending on the device through which you are smoking. For example, as mentioned, pipes often contain carbs or little holes to help improve airflow. To smoke out of a pipe with a carb, hold your finger over the hole until you feel the smoke hit your airways. When ready, remove your finger from the hole to clear the pipe and pull the rest of the smoke through.

When lighting a hemp cigarette or blunt, be sure to light it evenly and away from the wind. Doing so will help prevent the papers from burning unevenly or “running,” to help ensure no smokable hemp buds are needlessly lost.

Final Thoughts about Smokable Hemp Buds

Unlike pre-packaged, pre-rolled hemp cigarettes, our premium smokable hemp buds only come from the most potent part of the hemp plant: the cannabinoid-rich hemp flower. Hence, our smokable hemp buds are more flavorful with higher cannabinoid levels than standard pre-rolled hemp cigarettes.

However, to truly enjoy the flavors and effects of our premium hemp flowers, you must prepare your buds accordingly. Use these tips on how to consume smokable hemp buds for a delightful hemp smoking experience.

Check out our full selection of smokable hemp buds or contact us to learn more.

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